Amigurumi Snails

How it all started. This is my very first amigurumi design. But to go even further. I used to paint and one of my favorite themes was to paint shells, all kinds. This painting for instance is from the year 2006. I don´t have many left, but luckily one is hanging on my wall. Took a photo with my amigurumi snails. Perfect match I guess 🙂 This tiny amigurumi snail pattern was the first pattern that I uploaded on Etsy. And my first buyer was a lady from Australia. Greetings to Australia! 🙂



For me, amigurumi is one way to express myself. I like to take photos and make videos. God knows I have tons of them, I´m being more consistent with posting them for the past couple of months. 🙂 Like many designers my mind works on another project when working on the current one. I´m more determined now and hopefully more proficient in posting them and inspiring somebody to start making toys. 

As said, this design is from the year 2010, in 2020 I also used poppers. 

Please have a look:

video Amigurumi snail when using poppers

Very cute I find

And the video how to coil up and amigurumi snail

One stitch away snail

You can see a lot more in one of my previous posts: amigurumi snails in process

This time I made 7 amigurumi snails in total.  What´s great about this pattern is that it is quite forgiving as to mistakes and you can use different colors, put your own creativity into work. They make such a lovely gift, children can play with them, they also make lovely decorations on your plants, etc. 

Amigurumi tiny snail is also available on my Ravely shop if you like to keep your patterns there. And it´s a plus, I can also see your projects. 

Using sew-on snap buttons gives the possibility to uncoil and coil them up again. I also show how to coil it up with yarn. 

And for fun:

When the snail fits it sits.

Instead of flowers maybe?!

And there is a thing that I haven´t mentioned before. You can just leave it like this. When a little break is needed at the office just coil it and let go of all the bad feelings. And then hop, it uncoils 

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